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BrainWaves: A Neurology Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

We just used clinical trial data regarding eculizumab in myasthenia gravis as an example of how to critically appraise the literature, and in this week's program...MORE data on the efficacy of eculizumab in another neurological condition. This week on BrainWaves, the exciting results of the PREVENT trial and the future treatment of NMO spectrum disorder!

Produced by James E. Siegler. Special thanks to Dr. Olga Rosenveld Thon. Music courtesy of Unheard Music Concepts, TRG Banks, and Aitua. Sound effects by Mike Koenig and baby Sofia Joan Siegler. BrainWaves' podcasts and online content are intended for medical education only and should not be used for clinical decision making. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @brainwavesaudio for the latest updates to the podcast.


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