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BrainWaves: A Neurology Podcast

Nov 24, 2016

This Thanksgiving, amidst all the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the ham, and the cornucopia of dessert options, you may be inclined to let the food coma sink in. But for those interested in the science behind this fanciful feast, listen to what Dr. Jason Maley has to say about the neurologic complications of some of the common dishes served at your holiday spread. BrainWaves podcasts and online content are intended for medical education only and should not be used to guide medical decision making in routine clinical practice. REFERENCES 1. Williams ES. Chronic wasting disease. Veterinary Pathology Online. 2005; 42(5):530-49. 2. Clauss HE, Lorber B. Central nervous system infection with Listeria monocytogenes. Current infectious disease reports. 2008; 10(4):300-6. 3. Garcia HH, Del Brutto OH, Cysticercosis Working Group in Peru. Neurocysticercosis: updated concepts about an old disease. The Lancet Neurology. 2005; 4(10):653-61. 4. Richard DM, Dawes MA, Mathias CW, Acheson A, Hill-Kapturczak N, Dougherty DM. L-tryptophan: basic metabolic functions, behavioral research and therapeutic indications. International journal of tryptophan research: IJTR. 2009; 23(2):45. 5. Sobel J. Botulism. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2005; 41(8):1167-73. 6. Caruana M, Cauchi R, Vassallo N. Putative role of red wine polyphenols against brain pathology in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Frontiers in Nutrition. 2016; 3. 7. Hillbom M, Saloheimo P, Fujioka S, Wszolek ZK, Juvela S, Leone MA. Diagnosis and management of Marchiafava–Bignami disease: a review of CT/MRI confirmed cases. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. 2013.