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BrainWaves: A Neurology Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

Sara Henya would have you recognize her for her music, not her malady. While she may have Tourette Syndrome, she refuses to let it define her. In this week's episode of BrainWaves, we're launching a two part series featuring people who are living with a chronic neurologic illness--how they were diagnosed, how they cope with it, and of course, the neurobiology that underlies it.

Produced by James E. Siegler with Dr. Michael Rubenstein and Sara Henya. Music courtesy of Sara Henya (find her music at, Lee Rosevere, Loyalty Freak Music, Marco Trovatello, and Steve Combs. Sound effects by Mike Koenig and Daniel Simion. BrainWaves' podcasts and online content are intended for medical education only and should not be used for clinical decision making. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @brainwavesaudio for the latest updates to the podcast.


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